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We are an online and in-person creative wellbeing support community, breaking down barriers between people of all genders, sexual orientation and backgrounds. We support people to take an empowered approach to their mental wellbeing. Proudly LGBTQIA+ founded.

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What is Happy Here?

A service to connect with inclusive, like minded people, and a place you can be heard with compassion, non-judgement and care.

The Happy Here team aims to provide wellbeing services within Kent with the help of our Happy Bus, a new and exciting creative outreach service.

We offer this through Social prescribing, a non-medical approach to providing mental wellbeing support. It utilises and encourages people to improve their wellbeing through identifying and recommending activities and resources based on an individual’s needs, interests, and capability; helping them find the opportunity then motivating them.


We are proud allies and PRIDE ourselves on being a safe space for ALL regardless of your sexuality, faith, age, gender, disability or race - HH


SUPPORT US AND DONATE NOW, or click on the Happy Bus conversion Crowdfunder logo below!



We're raising money for our first remote "Happy Bus" in Kent and the South of England. Help us drive amazing creative opportunities for self expression and social interaction out to people of all ages and walks of life so they can find the support they need to cope with mental health and well being.

Where's the happy bus?

The Happy Bus - Wellbeing on Wheels!

We are intent on reaching out to people and truly giving support to those who need it. By empowering our community to help each other with our Happy Bus "wellbeing on wheels", and social prescribing (a non-medical approach to providing alternative mental wellbeing support using creativity & holistic approaches), we identify & recommend activities with resources based on an individual’s needs.

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Wellbeing Garden Area!

We've partnered with The Kitchen Gardens in Memorial Park, Herne Bay up to provide an environment that will promote health, healing, creativity and growth. 

Lucy and the rest of the lovely people at the community gardens hold regular classes and provide education on ecological matters and the importance of plants and mental wellbeing; all with a delicious cup or tea or coffee. Our very own Herne Bay In Bloom are helping us provide spaces for people to access calm and inspiring spaces.

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Paint Cans

Creating Music

We help people to express themselves through creative songwriting, performance coaching, Vocal classes and more...

Arts & Crafts

Our Arts & Crafts are specially designed to complement the day to day activities of our members — providing an opportunity for them to learn a new skill or change their daily routine. All of our programs and activities are designed to provide entertainment, education and fun in a warm and inviting environment.

Creative Design

A remote sensory safe room will be provided to the public on The Happy Bus for anyone suffering with severe anxiety or just needing some quiet. This can be booked for your community group or event.

Pride Flag

The Pride Shop

We have a very colourful and joyful LGBTQ+ merchandise shop on The Happy Bus provided by The Pride Shop to promote all matters with LGBTQ+ concerns and education in the community. 

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Yoga at Home
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