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Happy Here is a community interest company (CIC) dedicated to providing a space where people of all ages and all walks of life can access creative expression, social interaction and support to help cope with mental health issues.

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What is Happy Here?

Happy Here has ‘Happiness in Mind’ because we are here to support the mental wellbeing of our local communities as a first stop for those of us trying to make sense of our mental state when we are struggling.


Our understanding is that we are all going to be touched by issues that impact on mental wellbeing from domestic violence to money worries and from exam stress to concerns about our gender, identity and sexuality, with a focus on LGBT+ issues.

We aim to give you a safe and Happy Place to come and share any of your concerns about your mental health and the issues you face. Our team are trained to offer you help and support and a safe space if you need it, and to direct you to other support and help that you might then need.


Creating Music

With a team of professional musicians and songwriters led by Grammy considered and LA Music Award winning Kris Searle HAPPY HERE will allow people to express themselves through creative songwriting, performance coaching, Vocal classes and more.

Paint Cans

Arts & Crafts

Our Arts & Crafts are specially designed to complement the day to day activities of our members — providing an opportunity for them to learn a new skill or change their daily routine. All of our programs and activities are designed to provide entertainment, education and fun in a warm and inviting environment.

Tropical Leaves

Indoor Gardens

We're teaming up with Enchanted Gardens in Whitstable to provide an environment that will promote health, healing, creativity and growth. 

Donna and the rest of the lovely people at Enchanted Gardens will do regular classes and provide education on ecological matters and the importance of plants and mental wellbeing; all with a delicious cup or tea or coffee from our cafe. 

Restaurant Interior

Cafe and Tea Bar

Happy Here is centred around a vibrant cafe and Rosie Lee's Teas therapy bar where you can learn about different teas and the connection with mental health. We aim to make our tea and coffees subsidised for those who need it and will have a Pay It Forward scheme to help the people in our community who need a conversation but may not be able to afford a drink. We are here to make you feel at home. In the cafe there will be a quiet corner, art supplies and access to a laptop and internet. 

Creative Design

A safe room will be provided to the public for anyone suffering with severe anxiety or just needing some quiet.

Pride Flag

The Gay Shop

A very colourful and joyful LGBT+ merchandise and product shop area will be provided by The Pride Shop to promote all matters with LGBT+ concerns and education in the community. 

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