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Happy Here CIC​ and I Am Happy... Here are proud to announce that we are now partnered with

The Rainbow Lottery!

What is The Rainbow Lottery?

Set up to support community projects in the local area, The Rainbow Lottery operates on the principle of raising money within the community for the community.


We empower local good causes to raise money in a fun and effective way. In a time of shrinking budgets and increased community need, The Rainbow Lottery enables people to support the causes they care most about, helping good causes to connect with their supporters.

rainbow lottery logo-header.png

A ticket for The Rainbow Lottery costs £1 a week, 50p will go directly to good causes and 50p to HAPPY HERE CIC so we can launch our first location and work within the LGBT+ community.

YOU COULD WIN £25,000!!!!!!



Image by dylan nolte
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