HAPPY HERE CIC started in 2019 to support people in local communities in the UK who are affected by mental health issues by providing safe physical spaces to access a range of creative activities, services and support.

Our aim is to provide community-based support and advice to those who have challenges to their mental health and for their family and friends who may need support and advice as well. We will provide support and services for children and adults in our communities with no restrictions on gender, race, sexuality, or financial status.



HAPPY HERE will offer a physical space ideally with free access to creative activities that are known to boost mental wellbeing including, but not exclusively, music, art and dance.

We hope to deliver public benefit by providing a social space, based in a café environment, for people to come and share their experiences of mental health issues and access information concerning mental health, and signpost where to find additional support and appropriate treatments.

The physical space for HAPPY HERE and the activities we will offer will raise awareness in local communities about mental health issues so that interventions can be made before the serious consequences of mental health
challenge are felt by individuals, their families, friends and carers.

Our initial community focus will be based in East Kent, providing support to children and adults and our ambition is to support children and adults with their creative endeavours by providing affordable and professional services.

Ultimately, we’d like to provide this space and it’s resources for free.

HAPPY HERE is the result of the meetings of minds of a group of people in Kent who created the "All Men Cry Project." All Men Cry is set to shine a new light on men’s mental health and mental health in general using a unique creative combination of people from Herne Bay, a small seaside town in Kent. At its heart are an established music recording artist, a guy called ‘Banks’ who was once a most wanted international criminal and who’s now an artist, a high-profile
transgender personality and their friends and professional contacts.

Their vision is to launch a successful series of music recordings, artworks, a book and mental health focused charity (HAPPY HERE) using the combined creativity and talent we have. All Men Cry will tell the world it is okay for anyone to cry, and to cry out for help and support when their mental wellbeing is challenged no matter what their age, gender, race
and sexuality.

Please download our business summary (PDF) here...

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